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How we pack
  • Packing for canvas art
  • Packing for framed art
Usually, when the painting is finished in the studio, the edage is smudged and there are paint dots or brush-hair on the surface of the painting. We need clearn them by special tool first of all.
When the painting has been cleaned, we coat a layer of varnish oil on the painting to protect from dust, moisture and pollution in the environment. Varnish also homogenizes the final appearance of a painting, making it all equally glossy or matte, however, some customers would not like varnish on painting, so, this step is optional.
After varnishing , the painting will be lay aside 5 minutes for drying, then, we put a plastic film on the painting to protect being dusted or damaged from another painting.
Put into our particular tube and close the caps. We use Strong Duty Mailing Tubes to ship our paintings. It is Sturdy, oversized to protect against crushing, tears and creases. The wall thickness of the tube is 1/7 inch .
We roll the canvas and put tape carefully. It is a very important step. If too tightly, the paints would be crushed. After the painting is rolled, we wrap it by another plastic film to be waterproof.

We ship only via reputable couriers, including UPS, DHL, TNT,  FEDEX and EMS.  We use the most suitable carrier for the destination country.  When the painting is shipped, the tracking number will be E-mailed to our customers.  It usually takes 3-4 business days to arrive.  Shipping is free for all orders and all countries.  We have insurance for each shipment.  If a painting is damaged, please take photos of the package with the shipping label and damaged area clearly shown.  We will submit a claim to the shipping company and make new paintings for you immediately.  (Please note: If you are in South America – such as in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, etc. – please provide us with your VAT tax code, or the painting will be held up by your customs.)