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Our studio and artists
Our studio is located on a beautiful island with a long history of art and music. There is a famous art institute on the island.  Our studio's proximity to this art institute gives us access to the best talent possible.  Our large studio is over 20,000 square feet, giving our artists ample room to paint and dry their masterpieces.  Over the years, we have employed more than 300 artists and all our artists have at least 15 years of painting experience. All of our artists are graduated from fine art colleges and are thoroughly acquainted with traditional oil painting techniques to create great works of paintings.  The majority of our artists work full-time in our studio. Artists work in teams according to the style they specialize in, e.g., abstract, impressionist, classical, etc.  Each team has a team leader (usually the most senior, most experienced artist) whose job is to check each piece produced by the team is the highest quality.  Of course, we also have a full-time Quality-Control Specialist to ensure we ship only the highest quality paintings to our customers!
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