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Affiliates Program
What is an affiliate program?
    Affiliate program is also called Associate program, Re-seller program, Commission or Pay-per-Sale, Pay-per-Click and Click-Through program. The beauty of the affiliate program is that you are getting paid to post links or banner on your website and it is FREE to join, so there is no risk or investment on your part. You can also recommend the affiliate program site (or the product or service) in Newsletters, private emails to your customer base or lead list, news group or any other way of marketing which you want to undertake. Once you join the program and put up the graphic or text link, whenever someone follows that link from your site to the Affiliate program owner's site and buys a product or service from them, you receive a commission or referral fee. Basically, that's how it works.
What is an affiliate program?
    AIt's extremely easy to do because you just need to sign up and post a link or a banner on your web site. Then just collect a percentage of the profits when a sale is made! You don't ever worry about: Collecting the money Packaging the product Shipping the product Customer service or anything else for that matter! You just do the promotion and collect your referral fee from the resulting sales!
Why joining OUR affiliate program
    Participation is FREE! In fact... $100 signup bonus! ($25 with each of your first four sales) Once you join our program we will have an interest that your page will be flooded with visitors. Therefore, we will submit your URL to more then 500 search engines, every month, as long as you are signed up for our program! Our paintings have great market value! According to our stats, one of 60 targeted visitors makes a purchase . 10% commission (in average $50 per sale) If someone visits the site and does not buy today, but re-visits the site anytime within the next 1 year and purchases one of our paintings, you still earn your referral fee! You can track your earnings in real time! We use the most powerful affiliate in the market. You will have your own affiliate page where you will be able to check your statistics and earnings! You receive email notification every time someone purchases through you! We pay our affiliates every 1st of the month, with no minimum, by PayPal or Check. We can send the check to any where in the world. You can choose from many banner styles, sizes, themes and colors or use any Text ad you wish! You can even sign up other people to this program and receive 0.5% from every sale THEY make !!!!!! Be up and running In 5 minutes! - after you register, you will receive an email with everything you need!
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