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Why Choose Us?
1: We are a direct studio, not "middleman".
This is a very important consideration. If you order from a middleman, it means that your order will be forwarded to another company. The order can not be started immediately and corrections can not be fulfilled quickly because there is an extra step in communication. Also, the quality of paintings ordered from middlemen is often "just so-so" because the real studio is not paid with "your price.” You may order and pay for museum quality, but the middleman may order and buy commercial quality work from the real studio to make more profit.
2: We are honest and treat our customers responsibly.
Many companies boast on their website that, "You are ordering from the largest gallery on the planet!" or "Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by our money-back policy." But when you are unhappy with a painting and request a refund, they will lead you on and not refund. We don't boast that we are the best or largest, but we respect all our customers. We do not play games. What we care about is customers receiving their paintings with smile and writing back a testimonial to tell us how pleased they are.
3: We are professional in this art business.
Even well-meaning, hard-working people may not be able to satisfy their customers because they are beginners in the field. We have over 15 years of experience in the art business. The owner of the company is an artist, and the company is organized according to established business practices. We have 4 departments: sales, painting (artists), quality-control, and packing/shipping. The 4 departments work together as a team. All our artists are from Fine Art Colleges. Our quality-control director is a master artist. Even when packing, we use elegant-looking packaging rather than a normal cardboard packing tube.
4: We can paint any picture, any style and any size.
We have a wide selection of around 60,000 paintings that you can choose from. And we can paint any custom picture you provide, including famous art pieces and photographs. Just tell us what you need, and we will paint it according to your instructions.
5: You will receive regular updates with the status of your order.
You can easily track your order status under "My Account" on our website. When we receive the order from you, we will log the order and enter an estimated shipping date. When the painting is half-painted we will send you a "process photo," and when the painting is completed we will send you a "finished photo" for preview. When the painting is shipped, we will send you the tracking number so you can track the shipment.
6: We also offer frames, stocks and original art.
Many companies can not offer these because they are middlemen or small companies. Our frames are immediately available at our warehouse, and we have hundreds of paintings in stock for customers who can not wait for new paintings to be completed. Smaller companies are not able to provide these services, but only begin production upon receipt of an order.
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